BC Basketball Game Preview | 1/12 vs. Miami

The 2-9 Boston College Eagles face the 5-5 Miami hurricanes Tuesday January 11th 2021 in Chestnut Hill. The game is at 7 PM EST, and you can watch it on the ACCN. Or on the on the ESPN APP. BC is trying to avoid their 10th loss of the year and get their first ACC win while Miami is trying to go above .500 on the year. 


Boston College is going through a hot/rough streak, the team has been looking very good even against the rough schedule that they have had to play. The Eagles seem to be competitive with everyone they have played but seems to not be able to close the door and finish out the game.

Many coaches in the nation such as Tony Bennentt “They’re the best 2-9 team in the nation they just can not finish” (the game). This is the hard truth for the Eagles. We do not know if it is a coaching problem or what, but this year BC basketball team has talent and could win any game if they could just play how they do when they get into the groove. Almost every game BC has played in they’ve been in it, maybe except the Syracuse and Florida game, but they just can’t seem to close it out. 


The Miami Hurricanes are a very talented team. They have had a few tough losses very similar to BC. They stuck head to head with teams like VT, Clemson and UNC, but they can not just finish a game. The Hurricanes have good scorers with Wong, and Lykes in a solid backcourt. The Hurricanes enter this game against the Eags fresh off their first conference win of the season over NCST.  (something BC has yet to accomplish) They had high hopes this year and so far have come up short. 




The Eagles must rebound well and shoot somewhat decent. They have struggled with turnovers in the past few games as well so limiting those will be important. If they can not have stupid turnovers and rebound well, I definitely think they will have a shot in this game. My prediction is the Eagles will sweat out their first conference win of the season 86-75in a close game. 

BC.Tailgate: Boston College 86-75


Think it is going to be a close but eagles fall to the hurricanes 72-68 the back court of miami is going to win the game in the long run, it will also depend on how many turnovers BC has this game, I could see it going either way but I see one bad turn over at the game to cause them to lose the game. 

RedCupBostonCollege: Miami Wins 72-68

This article was written by bctailgate and RedCupBostonCollege, you can find both of their pages on Instagram.  

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