Out of nowhere.

There wasn’t even any tweet saying the Red Sox and Yankees are nearing a deal, or something like that. Nothing. Just completely out of left field, Adam Ottavino is headed to Boston. It was first reported by Lindsley Adler, on twitter.

This is Chaim Bloom’s first big time move so far, he’s made little transactions here and there, but none nearly as big as this. This is the Red Sox’s first trade with the Yankees in over 7 years, which was the Kevin Youkilis deal.

Ottavino, 35, will have a $9M salary in 2021.

The rest of the trade details are still to come.

Ottavino, has been in the league since 2010, and has been a part of the Cardinals, Rockies, and Yankees in his career. He has a career 3.53 ERA. Here are some of his recent stats:

Adam Ottavino Stats 2018-2020:

2.61 ERA

3.11 FIP

1.31 WHIP

He also has one of the best pitches in Major League Baseball, with his slider.

Advanced 2018-2020 Stats:

3.11 pCRA

3.45 SIERA

70.1 DRA-

2.71 xERA

20.7 K-BB%




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