In the midst of a very disappointing 2020 season for the Red Sox, the Red Sox dealt Mitch Moreland to the Padres near the deadline, in exchange for two prospects. One of which is currently the 19th Ranked Red Sox Prospect, 3B Hudson Potts.

Mitch Moreland reportedly influenced Garrett Richards signing with Boston, and it would only make sense for the beloved first baseman to return to Boston.

Moreland, 35, spent his time with the Red Sox from 2017 to the start of 2020, before he was traded. Before that he was a Texas Ranger. Spending the first 7 years of his MLB Career there, which began in 2010. The Padres declined the club option of Mitch Moreland for the 2021 season. Making him a free agent for the 2020-2021 offseason.

In his career with the Red Sox (2017-Start of 2020), Moreland slashed .251/.471/.803, and hit 64 Home Runs while appearing in the 2018 All Star Game. You know what you’re getting with Moreland. An above average hitter, with suitable fielding, and overall just very reliable.

The Red Sox could really use a first baseman. Bobby Dalbec is nowhere near ready to be a full time starter. We saw a glimpse of him in 2020, in which he shined. The sample size is way too small though to prove he can be a full time starter.

Then you have Michael Chavis, who was okay in 2019, but really struggled in 2020. He was used a lot as a second baseman both in 2019 and 2020. But also playing a decent amount of First Base. Now that the second base position is filled with Kike Hernandez, while you might use Chavis at second as a backup, it’s not the guy you want starting at first base for 100 games.

Moreland would also be cost effective. Moreland’s salary for 2020 was just $2.5M, and with the Red Sox and Chaim Bloom aiming for team friendly deals, the price would be perfect. His salary would be no more than $5M, if he was to be signed.

Final Thoughts:

With Moreland at a very cheap price tag, and with the Red Sox in need of a first baseman, signing Mitch Moreland would be a perfect fit. The addition would provide depth, a reliable first baseman, and overall a great fit for the Red Sox, considering Chaim Bloom and the Red Sox are looking for team-friendly/cost effective deals.


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