Alex Cora met with the media both Thursday and Friday; Here’s what he had to say:

With the Red Sox coming off of a disappointing 2020 season, Alex Cora fully believes the Red Sox can compete this year in 2021, and said they aren’t trying to rebuild. “We have a good team, and we have a chance to play in October.” Cora said to the media on Thursday. “If a player here isn’t thinking about winning a championship, he better leave.” 

Cora also said with the Red Sox not having a guy assigned to the closer role yet, there will be a traditional closer. They have just not figured out who that is. Cora went into a deep discussion about Eduardo Rodriguez. Cora says he is looking good after spending the 2020 season out with Myocarditis, and that he’s happy for him. Alex said that the Red Sox aren’t taking any extra precautions with Rodriguez, and they have him labeled him as a full-go.

Cora highly praised Martin Perez, and how the Red Sox will benefit from him more as a teammate and leader than anything. He jokingly added as well that JD Martinez got “mad” at Cora, because Cora only bet $1 that Martinez will have a better 2021 than 2020, so Cora said he’d raise it up to $5.

Cora talked a lot about the challenges with Spring Training in the middle of the pandemic. As far as the situation, how they’re dealing with it, and what it’s like compared to a normal Spring Training.

When asked about the leadoff spot, Cora said “We have a few ideas.” and said he is confident some of his ideas will work. He said he was impressed with Verdugo’s 2020 season at the leadoff spot. Cora also said that he is prioritizing defense. And that they have to be better than they were in past years defensively.

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