A few days ago Boston College basketball had officially hired their new men’s basketball coach, Charleston Cougars head coach Earl Grant. He had been the head coach of the Cougars for 5 years; Grant led them to an overall record of 118-79 and brought Charleston to March Madness once in 2017-2018 season, and did a superb job of turning the program around.

That same year he won the CAA tourney and won CAA coach of the year. Grant also has previous coaching experience by being the assistant coach at all the following schools Clemson, Citdel, Wichita State, and Winthrop.

While the name Earl Grant isn’t the biggest name on the list of head coaches on the list, fans hope he can get BC back on track after a 4-14 season. 

“This is a place for a fighter to come play,” Grant said. “This allows the mindset and culture to change here at BC just like football and get the mindset only hard workers and fighters will be on this basketball team!”

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