Martinez Notches 3-HR Game Despite Having ‘Ridiculously High’ Pollen

The Red Sox bats came alive Sunday, a total of 14 runs were scored in their 14-9 victory over Baltimore. JD Martinez shined in the win.

Martinez notched 3 home runs in the win, and was responsible for 4 of the Red Sox 14 runs, despite having ‘ridiculously high’ pollen. Martinez has said to be very prone to allergies with bad asthma.

Martinez went 4-for-6 with 3 homers Sunday against the Orioles. He was placed in COVID protocols the day before with a cold; he described it as ‘frustrating.’

“It’s kind of the world we’re living in right now where every little thing everybody thinks is COVID,” Martinez said. So it was frustrating obviously not being able to play yesterday.”

Martinez said he still felt a good glimpse of the cold while playing Sunday.

“I still felt (it on Sunday) with my asthma and everything and with the allergies here,” he later said. “The pollen has been like ridiculously high the past few days. It’s like a 10 out of 10, which I think is what’s really messing me up. And my lungs are just always sensitive to like sudden changes and stuff just because I have pretty bad asthma. Besides that, I felt okay. Obviously it was still bugging me. It still is. Kind of ready to get on the plane and go somewhere else.”

The OF/DH is 17-for-36 (.472 BA), along with five home runs, seven doubles and a slugging percentage of 1.083 to start the year.

“Honestly, for me I don’t even notice it,” Martinez said. “I really try not to. You guys know how I am. … I think the moment you’re aware of it, you’re no longer in it. So I try not to be aware of it and just try to focus on the small tasks and focus on my game-plan off certain pitchers and what I’m trying to do.


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