Mel Kiper’s latest Mock Draft had the Patriots making a very bold move: Trading up for Justin Fields at Pick Number 10.

The Cowboys currently hold the 10th pick, and Kiper predicts that the Pats and Cowboys will swap picks.

“The pressure to get that quarterback, you have to go get somebody,” Kiper said on ESPN Tuesday. “I think Justin Fields is the second-best quarterback in this draft. Some agree, some strongly disagree. The mixed opinions could allow him to slide down. Denver, what happens with Washington … there are other teams who could make that move, but I think New England is front and center.”

Kiper also predicted Zach Wilson to the Jets at No. 2, and the Niners pick Mac Jones at 3. Jones being a guy that a lot of people have said him and Belichick are a perfect match, has been all over the place in mock drafts. Some have him all the way down at the bottom of the first round, or even as low as the second round. While others have him as high as Kiper has him, at 3.

Kiper predicted the Falcons to trade down to 6, and pick Trey Lance to be the fourth QB off the board in just the first six picks.

In just the first 10 picks, Kiper has five quarterbacks going off the board. Leaving there to not be a single QB picked in the rest of the mock draft, which was 2 rounds.



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