Bobby Dalbec and Franchy Cordero have both had long slumps during the season so far.

Dalbec at one point did not record a hit in 27 straight at-bats, and Cordero did not record a hit in 26 straight at-bats.

They both broke their slumps on back-to-back days, with Cordero breaking his slump Thursday. The lefty went 3-for-5 against the Tigers in the Red Sox’ 12-9 win, snapping an 0-for-26 hitless streak.

The only reason Cordero played in Thursday’s game was because Kike Hernandez was taken out in the first inning with an injury. Cordero would step in and prove himself mightily.

Dalbec would break his 0-for-27 slump with a huge game this past Friday, going 2-for-3 with a walk, but more importantly would hit a three-run big fly to propel the Red Sox to victory.

“Me and him (Cordero) have had a few talks,” Dalbec said after his performance Friday. “We’ve been pulling for each other and talking to each other after games just so it didn’t feel like we were alone going through it. That helps a lot.”

Dalbec thinks highly of Cordero.

“He’s an awesome dude,” Dalbec later said. “He came up to me in Texas after one of the games and we talked for five-ten minutes. It’s great. It’s good to have teammates like that.”

Dalbec went 1-for-5 the day after on Saturday, and 1-for-4 on Sunday. Cordero unfortunately hasn’t been able to continue his momentum from Thursday, as he’s gone 0-for-7 since his great performance.


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