Though the Boston Celtics lost their last game against Heat there was still good signs to be seen there. Perhaps it was Evan Fournier’s big game with 30 points on 11/16 shooting from the field.

Walker’s 18 points on 5/12 against the Heat doesn’t beckon in a resurgence but it does when combined with how well he has been playing the past couple of games.

Since coming back from injury, Walker has scored 33 points against the Bulls and 32 points against the Magic. One reason for this could be Jaylen Brown being out for injury but the fact remains that with Brown out the line up Walker has stepped up in his place.

On the season the majority of games that Kemba has scored over 25 points the Celtics have come up with a win. Going forward how well he plays will be crucial for the Celtics’ playoff run and will ultimately show how far they will go.

Though the Celtcis are 1-2 since Kemba came back from injury, do not be surprised if the Celtics show the best version of themselves with a healthy Brown playing alongside Kemba at a high level.

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