Boston Falls 130-108 to Nets in Game Two: Thoughts and Observations

The playoffs are underway, but the Celtics can’t seem to find their groove. Boston is now down 2-0 in round one after another loss to the Nets. The 22 point deficit in last night’s game can be chalked up to Brooklyn simply performing better than Boston.

The Celtics had a rough start to the game and were unable to find their way back after a 40-26 first quarter. Joe Harris helped the Nets maximize their lead, scoring all 4 of his 3-point attempts in the first quarter, and 7-of-10 overall. Harris’ performance along with a stacked roster has been difficult for Boston to defend, highlighting the Nets’ strong offense.

A scary sight for Boston is the power behind the big three, who are gaining momentum as the series progresses. Combined, Durant, Harden, and Irving were 20-for-36 from the field and had a perfect record for their 14 free throws.

With Jayson Tatum usually providing Boston with a spark, his bad game and late exit due to an eye injury only made matters worse. By the third quarter, he had only scored nine, making it difficult for a team that relies on his All-star numbers to make a comeback. The rest of the team seemed to fall behind his performance and gave in to the No. 2 seed.

Trailing by 24 at halftime, the Celtics had thrown in the towel before the final buzzer. Brooklyn’s dominance dimmed the team’s fire, creating a dull game for Boston fans. While their defense and offense were uninspiring, Evan Fournier showed some fight after a heated exchange with Durant, who did not appreciate being pushed by the former Magic player.

Despite an early pair of losses, Fournier’s passion could be what the team needs to level up their game for the rest of the series and move forward in the playoffs.

The Celtics look to get their first win of the series on Friday, as they host the Nets for game three. They’ll need Tatum back and star performances from everyone to combat Brooklyn’s scoring.

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