Revolution Stadium Rumors Resurface in Everett

The stadium search has been an infinite process for the New England Revolution, but many think the end is near. The front office made it clear that a rebrand would come with a stadium announcement. The rebrand is clearly upon us, as MLS has now trademarked the leaked logo. Does that mean the stadium announcement is right around the corner?

A few years ago, stadium rumors began to pop up in Everett, Massachusetts, which lies North of Boston. Rumors are now beginning to pop up for the same area. This comes as a result of an announcement from Everett saying that the Mystic Station power plant will be shut down. This new redevelopment plan includes hotels, retail, and music. The part that is giving fans hope is the mention of potential “sports venues” being built on the water in that area.

Many of times, Revs fans have been lit up with joy over stadium news, just to have it get shot down again. Only time will tell if this is yet another case of a false alarm. This time around though, the stars are seemingly aligning a bit more clearly.

Among this good news, the Revolution are set to return to action in MLS play this weekend. After what seemed like a year long break, MLS is returning in full. Midweek games will be more prevalent as teams cram their schedule in through the summer months. The Revs will visit Red Bull Arena to play against a fellow Eastern Conference contender in NYCFC on Saturday night at 7:30 PM EST.

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