Tajon Buchanan and his eventual departure from the New England Revolution has been inevitable, the Revs forward’s values grows with each passing match. His ability to go at players one-one-one, use his speed and athleticism, and his incredible confidence has allowed Buchanan to become quite the player.

He has now been linked to just about every country in Europe, one of the hottest young commodities in world football at the moment. So, when he was ruled out of the MLS All-Star game upcoming on Wednesday, there was some investigating to do.

Carles Gil’s absence from the game was obvious, he’s still rehabbing in Spain, and has been away from the Revs for almost a month now. Marquee names Carlos Vela and Chicharito being crossed off the roster does not come as a surprise either, as the Los Angeles stars have dealt with some injuries lately. But, a perfectly healthy Tajon Buchanan, who is on a plane headed to who knows where, there’s definitely some room for theories. Buchanan was on a flight in the afternoon yesterday, appearing to be an international flight in a picture on his social media. Simply put, it feels like Tajon is skipping the All-Star game to sign a contract with a team in Europe.

The one thing Revolution fans can hope for is that the contract will include a loan-back to the team for the rest of the 2021 campaign. Losing him, along with Bye, Gil, and Polster with their unknown timetables for return, it could be very dangerous for their record run. It has been speculated that Tajon may be headed to Frankfurt, or somewhere in Germany, according to flight data out of Boston.

Whatever the case may be, the saga is finally coming to an end. The ninth overall pick in an MLS SuperDraft that is now regarded as outdated will make New England a multi-million figure, potentially tens of thousands. Chelsea has reportedly offered a figure of about $11M for the Canadian winger, but he would probably just get infinitely loaned out, like the rest of their prospects. The most likely answer to this question mark is that Tajon is flying out to complete his physical and sign a contract with his new club, but will stay with the Revs through their final match of the season.

(Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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