Mac Jones appears to be making the most of his recent opportunity in Foxboro. Today marked the first of two joint practices between the Patriots and Giants. Patriots quarterback Cam Newton was again absent from practice due to a violation of COVID protocols. While he will return to action tomorrow, Mac Jones appears to be closing in on the starting. 

Coming into today’s practice it was well known that the rookie had a unique opportunity to gain ground on Newton, as Bill Belichick has historically valued joint practices. Additionally, the New York Giants have a formidable defense highlighted by a talented secondary. All parties involved knew this would be a big day for Mac. So, how did the rookie do? 

This is good news for those hoping to see Jones play Week 1. Although this does not guarantee Mac the starting spot, it will certainly help his case to be QB1. In practice yesterday, Jones was also seen trash talking linebacker Matt Judon. The banter came after Jones and the first team offense were able to score not one, but two touchdowns on the defense in a single two minute drill. This type of fiery attitude has been a key component of why Jones has won over so many teammates. 

Cam Newton’s unvaccinated status could be problematic for the team moving forward; this week serves as an example of why a vaccinated player can have distinct advantages over an unvaccinated one. His violation of cCOVID protocols opened the door for Jones to close in on his starting spot. Based on today’s joint practice, Mac may have just slammed that same door shut, right after walking through it.

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