On Tuesday afternoon, rookie quarterback Mac Jones appeared on the WEEI Radio show, making his first comments to the media since being named the starter.

“He was a really good mentor to me. I know we’ll stay in touch,” Jones told Felger and Mazz. “Ever since I came here, he knew I was here to help him and he was here to help me, so I never felt like we were butting heads or anything like that.”

Jones was later asked whether he was surprised to be named the starting quarterback.

“Not really. Like I always say, I prepare to be the starter,” said Jones. “I got a chance to get a lot of reps. Nothing really changes. Just trying to be a good teammate, trying to learn the plays every day, fix what I messed up on, and listen to Josh [McDaniels] and all the guys in the quarterback room and take the advice.”

The Patriots will kick off their season on Sunday afternoon at 4:25 PM ET, when they take on the division rival Dolphins. Jones will also be facing his former Alabama teammate in Tua Tagovailoa.

“Tua is an awesome guy,” Jones said. “He’s really a good talented football player. Just learning from him and Jalen [Hurts] was great, obviously. Now that we’re all getting a chance here in the NFL, I think it will be cool to go up against each other.”

(Photo By Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images)

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