SimBull: Four Reasons To Invest In New England Patriots

Interested in making money through sports? Look no further than SimBull Exchange. Currently, you can buy one share in the New England Patriots for $47.33. When you deposit ($25 or more) for the first time, you can get an extra $10 off using code “BSW”.

The Patriots face the New York Jets in Week 2, and with what will likely be QB Mac Jones’ first career win, the stock will only rise — giving you the opportunity to hold a more valuable share(s) or sell the stock — giving you a profit. The Pats’ stock on SimBull has only risen since drafting Jones, and didn’t fall at all after losing in Week 1 to the Dolphins. It will likely raise with a win over the Jets. For clarification, the stock rises through the team’s success.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, here is four reasons why you should invest in the Patriots on SimBull:


Any successful team needs strong leadership from the top down. Over the last two decades, leadership has been one of the Patriots’ best assets. From the owner Robert Kraft, to the consensus greatest coach of all-time Bill Belichick, leadership is still strong within the Patriots organization.

Both Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick have proven track records in the league, which is something an investor will want to see. Belichick led one of the least talented rosters in the NFL last year to a 7-9 record, which is incredibly impressive considering how devoid of talent that group was. They have proven to be two of the best in their respective fields, and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. 


It is difficult to equate the quarterback position to any other position in sports. Mac Jones has appeared to do just that through his first NFL preseason, and first regular season game. The Alabama alum looks poised to make a run at offensive rookie of the year.

He is in a great spot with New England running Josh McDaniels’ offense, and any investor will want the most important position to be filled by someone who is more than capable. To this point, Jones has been just that and he is just getting started. Just like the organization in general, Jones’ stock is trending upwards. 

A Mix of Young and Veteran Talent on Defense

For a roster that was looked at as too old coming into the season, this Patriots group has experienced an injection of young talent to match their veteran core. On defense, veterans such as Stephon Gilmore, Dont’a Hightower, and Devin McCourty receive most of the attention. However, this Patriots defense has ended some very exciting young talent in recent years. Safety Kyle Dugger appears to be a player that Bill Belichick can build this defense around; he is physical, athletic, motivated, and only 25 years old.

Christian Barmore has impressed throughout training camp and will likely be a staple of the interior defensive line moving forward. Last but not least, Josh Uche looks primed for a breakout season that could cement him as a cornerstone of this defense for years to come. Any company that wants to trend in an upward direction needs this mix of talent. Investors will want to see an established group that can pave the way for young talent who will eventually step into those senior roles. Luckily for New England, they have both and are only acquiring more. 

An Owner Who Is Willing To Invest

Entrepreneurs will always need to invest in themselves, and their own businesses first — Robert Kraft has done just that. Kraft and the organization dished out $159.6 million in free agency this past offseason. This is an indication to fans and investors alike that the head of the company is as invested as ever, both metaphorically and literally with the massive amount of capital that he has poured into the football team.

Anyone who has long been in a senior position within a company runs the risk of growing complacent, but it appears that Kraft could not be further from complacency as it stands today. Some will look to use the shortcomings of last season as a reason to stay away from an investment in the Patriots, but there is a flip side to that coin. Last season was a wake up call for Kraft, Belichick, and fans alike. It has done nothing but motivate the team to be better, and continue to seek out new and innovative ways to find success. 


If you are interested in investing on the Patriots or just any team on SimBull, here’s how you do it:

Open up your search engine, and go to or click here. First, you’ll need to create an account. Then, you can deposit your money and get an extra $10 by using BSW as your promo code. From there, go to “TradeBlock” — you’ll find the Patriots listed as SimPatriots.

(Photo of Mac Jones by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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