Nike unveiled on Monday this years “City Edition” uniforms for each NBA team, and that includes the Boston Celtics

For the NBA’s 75th season, the Boston Celtics’ jersey design pays tribute to the storied history of the franchise.

The jersey has a mix of elements that their old uniforms used to have through the years. On top of using similar designs to old uniforms, they also pay tribute to the legends and winning history of the team.

On the bottom left there are 17 shamrocks with the years of each championship the Celtics have won on them. There are also three banners with every retired number for the team.

The nicest touch that was included on the jersey is a quote from the legendary head coach and president of the Celtics, Red Auerbach.

“The Boston Celtics are not a basketball team, they’re a way of life.”

This year’s “City Edition” jerseys might not look as nice as years past, but it serves as a great reminder of the franchise history.

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