It has now been about five months since the original leaks of the New England Revolution’s upcoming rebrand, and they held true all the way to November 4th. The Revs and Major League Soccer officially put the logo through, trademarked and set to take over in 2022. For the rest of this playoff run, the crayon flag will technically still be the logo in use, while the new one will be integrated in.

The logo change could be going along with a new stadium

The Revs organization made it very clear that they will not change the name, and refuse to become yet another “FC” in MLS. In fact, they have used it as a slogan attached to the rebrand. The name will stay New England Revolution no matter what. As far as the logo goes, many prefer the inside portion that includes a white R, with a red sash present diagonally. It has been reported that the logo makers agree, but MLS requires logos to have some sort of name identification somewhere on it.

The first match being played following the official announcement will be on Sunday, when they host Inter Miami CF for the Supporter’s Shield celebration. Gillette Stadium is expecting up to 40,000-50,000 fans in attendance, which has a chance to break the Revolution regular season record. Flags with the new logo will be passed out to the first 15,000 that arrive on Sunday. Merchandise is beginning to be sold, including jackets, polos, and hats. The merch will continue to advance and the times will presumably get nicer. It’s an exciting time to be a New England Revolution supporter, and the fun part of the season is just getting started.

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