Mother Nature to Troll Falcons After Patriots’ Thursday Night Matchup in Atlanta

At  2:19 a.m. EST tonight, or what the clock would be considered tomorrow, a partial lunar eclipse will occur. The eclipse will be hours after the Patriots’ matchup vs. the Falcons. Now, why is writing about a lunar eclipse?

Well, it falls on the night that New England will take on Atlanta. The lunar eclipse will reportedly last three hours and 28 minutes, which is the longest lunar eclipse in 580 years according to @NOAASatellites on Twitter.

28-3 is what the score of the infamous Super Bowl LI was, with Atlanta holding a 25-point lead, before the Patriots came back and gave Robert Kraft his fifth ring. And the eclipse happens to fall on the night that the Pats take on the Falcons for the first time since that matchup.

For more details on the actual lunar eclipse, read this article from USA Today right here.

(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

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