Celtics Decremented By Jazz 3-Ball in 137-130 Loss


The Boston Celtics stayed with the Jazz all game Friday night, but it was Utah’s 3-pointers that ultimately would separate the two. The Jazz beat Boston, 137-130, in a contest that was close all night long.

The Celtics trailed the majority of the first half but remained in striking distance before going back-and-forth with Utah in the third and fourth quarter for the lead.

The Jazz held a nine-point lead with roughly eight minutes to go in the fourth, with the score at 109-104 after a big 3-pointer from Utah. That was their largest lead that they’d seen in a while, only for Boston to tie it just a minute later. That was followed by a pair of two-pointers as it was a 9-0 run for the C’s and they were up by four with six minutes left.

The back-and-forth action was non-stop, as neither side could hang on to a lead. However, an array of clutch 3-pointers that came late gave the Jazz a boost, helping them edge past the Celtics behind their shooting.

Jayson Tatum was a point shy of averaging a point per minute in his 38-minute outing, while Al Horford tallied 21 points and Dennis Schroder added 26.

The 3-ball ultimately killed the Celtics tonight, as they could not stop the long-range shots.

(Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images)

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