Patriots’ Mac Jones Says ‘There’s No Excuses’ in Loss vs. Bills: ‘I Can Play Better And I Can Lead a Lot Better’

Mac Jones

New England Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones was in his usual mood after a loss, being very hard on both himself and the team — consistently following up his points with the fact that there are no excuses.

New England was humbled Sunday with a disappointing 33-21 loss to the Bills.

“It really just wasn’t our day, but there’s no excuses and there’s really nothing to talk about,” Jones said. “I didn’t play great. I can play better and I can lead a lot better. It starts with me. We’ll just have to look in the mirror, address what we can, and keep working to get better every day.”

The rookie quarterback went just 14-of-32 passing, throwing for just 145 passing yards and hurling a pair of interceptions. It was his second straight poor outing, as New England got off to slow starts vs. both the Colts and Bills, which both games resulted in dreadful losses.

“I think just executing better,” said Jones, when asked how New England can get off to quicker starts. “Whatever the play call is, go out there and do your job. I didn’t do that early on in the game. I didn’t do it throughout the game. You can’t have successful plays when your quarterback is not doing the right thing. So I’ve gotta play better and get the ball to the people that need to get the ball. There’s no excuses.”

Challenges throwing the ball often occur for many during the colder months. Jones was asked about throwing the ball in the cold.

“It just goes back to execution and throwing to the right guy regardless of the weather,” Jones said. “I’m still learning obviously, and I don’t think there’s any excuses. If the guy is open, you’re supposed to throw it to him, and he’s supposed to catch the ball, and we’re supposed to move the sticks. If I can’t hit him in the hands then he’s not going to be able to catch the ball. So the accuracy needs to improve.”

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