New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones had a rough ending to his regular season, as the rookie wasn’t so pleased with his performance in New England’s 33-24 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

“It’s super embarrassing, honestly, just from my point: How I played. It wasn’t good enough,” Jones said. “I can be better and it starts with me. I’m the quarterback and that’s my job, to make people around me have success. It starts with me, so we’ll get it fixed. You’ve gotta watch the film and learn from it and realize how embarrassing it is to play that way. At the same time, we’ve got a great opportunity next week and that’s all you can ask for.”

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Jones was 20-of-30 through the air, hurling a touchdown and an interception while tallying 261 yards.

The Patriots failed to really get going until the fourth quarter against the Dolphins, a theme that’s repeated itself multiple times this season. In New England’s opening drive, Xavien Howard picked off Mac Jones and took it back for a 37-yard pick-six.

Jones took all the blame for the costly mistake.

“I knew what coverage they were playing. I just didn’t see the outside guy,” said Jones. “I threw it too wide and it was my fault. But it’s just Cover 2. There’s nothing to it. It’s simple.”

Jones also took the blame for a fumbled snap that the Dolphins picked up and recovered, as he backed up backup center Ted Karras — saying it wasn’t his fault.

“I’ve been (taking QB snaps) since Pop Warner,” he said. “Just get the ball from the center. It doesn’t matter who the center is. It wasn’t Ted’s. fault. It was my fault. I’ve gotta get the ball and hand it off to the running back. It’s not like it was some giant play the required a bunch of things.”

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