Which Celtics Stars Will Be in The NBA All-Star Game? Boston Forward Jayson Tatum to Compete in Third Straight Game


Boston Celtics forward, Jayson Tatum, has been selected to his third all-star game in just his fifth season. Last year the Celtics had two representatives suiting up for the all-star game with Jaylen Brown and Tatum, but this season Tatum will be the lone Celtic.

Jaylen Brown missed the cut for the 2022 midseason festivities. Brown’s stats are almost identical to last season’s all-star year, but a hamstring injury saw him miss 14 games and essentially knocked him out of the running. There is still a chance that Brown makes the team as an injury replacement, but a very slim one at best.

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Jayson Tatum on the other hand was a clear-cut selection for this year’s all-star game. He is averaging 25.9 points, 8.4 rebounds, and 4.1 assists per game. He missed four games with a COVID-19 related absence but has suited up for the other 49 games for the C’s. Tatum also leads the entire NBA in total points scored this season.

Although Tatum is posting a career-low in shooting percentages, his game has expanded to a point where he can still contribute to winning basketball outside of his scoring. His play has been phenomenal as of late and he seems to have gotten over his poor start to the season.

The now three-time all-star has contributed mightily to the Celtics’ recent run of success and is a worthy selection for the 2022 NBA all-star team.

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