A Message to Our Readers: Future Changes Coming to BSW

Boston Sports Wave

Hello, I’m Quinn Riley. I founded Boston Sports Wave back in January of 2021, and we’ve produced over 1200 articles since then providing daily coverage of Boston sports. Don’t worry — this isn’t a goodbye article or anything of that nature. It’s just a quick message to our readers regarding the future changes coming to BSW.

Site makeover

While it won’t happen for a little while, as of now we are planning on freshening up the look of the site with a makeover in the near future. Likely around March or April.

This is partly due to a few of the issues we’ve been having with the current model of the site.

We are planning on keeping the same logo, branding, and things of that nature.


If you follow us on Twitter, which is where a lot of our readers come from, you’ll notice we only post articles.

Well, that will change, as we’re going to have an increased social media presence where we post highlights and clips from pretty much each game. It won’t just be articles on our Twitter page from now on.

Follow us on Twitter here, and follow me on Twitter here.

Article Images

Due to a few reasons that we won’t disclose, article thumbnails from now on will look like this. Here are a few for example.

Boston College/NCAA

While it is listed as a section on the site, we haven’t covered Boston College much in the past. That’s going to change though, as we’re going to begin to cover BC sports hardcore starting tomorrow.

BC coverage will mainly be football and basketball, but also coverage with less of a focus on hockey, baseball, women’s lacrosse (2021 national champions), among others.

We also have the possibility of making it an NCAA section in the future, where it will be coverage on schools all across Massachusetts (Northeastern, Harvard, Boston University, Holy Cross, UMass, Merrimack, etc.) not just schools in the Boston area.

If that is made the case, where it is made an NCAA section and not a BC specific section, BC will still be made the main focus — and stories on other NCAA schools in Massachusetts will be more than not feature stories or important events regarding the school.


This isn’t exactly new, but, our daily newsletter has been running for about two months. Barring there being little to no stories from the day, it is daily — it’s usually sent out around sometime around midnight, so if you’re not awake then, you’ll have the stories from the previous day in your email as soon as you wake up.

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