The Boston Red Sox might not have Opening Day at Fenway Park, barring the MLB canceling even more games due to the league and the players association being unable to agree to a CBA. The league has canceled the first six games of the season, Rob Manfred announced Tuesday.

Boston was scheduled to open their season on March 31 against the Rays, but the series against Tampa Bay (March 31, April 2-3) and the following series against the Orioles (April 4-6) have both been cancelled.

Those games will not be rescheduled, so at most the Sox will play 75 home games — the number of both home and road games could decrease even further if the league and PA fail to agree to a deal for the 2021 season and fail to meet certain deadlines.

The Sox are scheduled to open their season in the Bronx, against the Yankees on April 7, then the 8th and 9th.

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