Boston Celtics wing Aaron Nesmith was given a chance to start Thursday against the Memphis Grizzlies following Jaylen Brown suffering a right ankle sprain, but after five minutes he left due to a right ankle sprain of his own. Coach Ime Udoka offered an update on Nesmith.

“Pretty bad sprain obviously,” Udoka told reporters after the game. “A little different than Jaylen’s where stepping on the foot vs. landing on the foot. The force was a little bit more and in quite a bit of pain. But some swelling I saw already, but we won’t know anymore till he gets evaluated.”

Udoka added that Nesmith was day-to-day. The Celtics do receive a three-day break before their matchup Sunday against the Nets, giving both Nesmith and Brown time to rest.

Derrick White also gave the Celtics a scare when he headed to the locker room when he was grabbing his elbow — but he did return to the game in the fourth quarter.

Boston had a big win Thurdsay against Memphis, limiting the 43-win Grizzlies and Ja Morant to just 107 points to earn their 47th win of the season. Jayson Tatum had 37 points in Brown’s absence. Udoka spoke about the current identity and Boston trying to build on it.

“Our identity from the start is to make teams feel less right when we come out,” Udoka said. “Felt like we guarded well enough in the first quarter, but kind of gave some points back with the turnovers. Teams know our identity. My thing to the group every day is continue to build on that.”

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