5 Outfielders Red Sox Could Target in MLB Free Agency to Replace Hunter Renfroe

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The Boston Red Sox need a boost in the outfield this offseason after the Jackie Bradley Jr.-Hunter Renfroe trade, as Bradley Jr. was likely just acquired as a defensive platoon bat, making it likely Boston will target an outfielder or two. Here are five outfielders the Sox could target in MLB free agency to replace Renfroe, which is now underway after the lockout ended.

5 outfielders Boston Red Sox could target in MLB free agency

Kyle Schwarber: A return to Boston would be very ideal for both the Sox and Schwarber, though it does tend to create a good problem to have. However, Boston might not want to deal with for a full year, or even longer if J.D. Martinez decides to come back. If Schwarber at first is a long-term thing, the two sides will probably be much more open to the slugger returning.

Seiya Suzuki: Signing the Japan product in Suzuki would not be such a bad idea, as the 26-year-old hit .317 with 38 long balls this year over in the NPB. A power bat in place of another power bat that worked well in Boston last season, Renfroe, might be Boston’s best option.

Jorge Soler: Soler, 30, is the definition of the strikeout-walk-home run outcome type of player. While Boston likely won’t get his 48-homer season, if they’re looking for a power bat, the right-handed bat in Soler could be a good fit. He clubbed 27 long balls in 2021, posting a 101 wRC+ for the Royals in 2021.

Brad Miller: While his main position isn’t outfield, a left-handed bat that has the versatility of the beloved Brock Holt is a strong suitor for the Sox. Miller, 31, has had a rather strong past three seasons, as he hit .227 but did provide a 105 wRC+ and 20 long balls for the Phillies in 2021.

Tommy Pham: While his 15 homers and his .229 batting average through 155 games with the Padres in 2021 may not be appealing at first to the eye, Pham walked 13.9 percent of the time and posted a 101 wRC+. If the Sox are taking a more defensive approach overall to replace Renfroe rather than just replacing him with one bat — with Bradley Jr. and another player splitting time evenly — Pham could be a solid option.

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