The New England Patriots are reportedly trading for Miami Dolphins wide receiver Devante Parker.

Here are four quick thoughts on the acquisition.

A true No. 1 receiver

While he isn’t exactly regarded as the top playmaker in the league, Parker is a true WR1 that the Patriots have been missing since Julian Edelman. The 28-year-old put up 1202 yards in 2019 and hasn’t had the best series of quarterbacks throughout his career.

The acquisition of Parker will make it easier for the entirety of the receiving core, and Kendrick Bourne isn’t the No. 1 receiver anymore.


Parker does have quite an injury history though, as the only 16-game season in his career was in 2019, and he’s played in just 19 games over the past two seasons. His prone-to-injury that’s spun throughout his career likely played a factor in the Dolphins moving on from the wideout.

A low-risk, high upside deal

Even if Parker may not have the greatest ability to stay healthy, the Patriots aren’t really taking a risk. A 2023 third-round pick is all that New England is reportedly giving up, which means the Patriots are giving up practically nothing for a No. 1 receiver.

It may be low-risk, but it’s not all that of a high-reward if Parker can’t stay healthy.

The Patriots are also getting a 2022 fifth-round pick as well.

Only three positions of absolute need are now in draft

Receivers have been popping up all over Patriots mock drafts, and that trend will likely take a downfall after the acquisition of Parker — especially if the Patriots don’t assess the team’s needs of offensive guard, cornerback, and linebacker before the draft.

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