The Boston Red Sox have likely set their 28-man roster for Opening Day Thursday against the New York Yankees, as they made final cuts while selecting reliever Tyler Danish to the roster as their 10th and final reliever. Boston also placed Chris Sale on the 60-day injured list. The team announced each roster move Monday afternoon.

Boston cut John Schreiber, Franchy Cordero, and Rob Refsnyder as the two bench bat roles will be given to Jonathan Arauz and Travis Shaw. All three will go to Triple-A Worcester. The Sox seemingly view Christian Arroyo as an outfielder as they didn’t take either outfield option — Refsnyder and Cordero — for the bench.

As for Sale, the team placed him on the 60-day injured list, which means the latest he can return from his stress fracture in his rib is June 6. Still, no timetable has been set for the 33-year-old, though his move injured list does give somewhat of an idea.

Along with Danish, Crawford also grabbed the last reliever spot, as the team told him that he would make the roster earlier today.

With that, here’s Boston’s Opening Day roster, assuming Shaw makes the cut. The official roster hasn’t been announced but here’s what it seems to be shaping up to be:

Boston will have to shorten the roster to 26 by May 1, and with the pitcher limit being at 13, both of those cuts will have to be arms — Boston has 15 hurlers on the roster currently.

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