Facing potential playoff games in Toronto against the Raptors, Jaylen Brown is now the only question mark regarding vaccination status on the Boston Celtics after Al Horford confirmed his vaccination status.

“It’s something I haven’t wanted to discuss,” Horford said. “I think with the Celtics, we made it clear we’re not going to discuss those things, and it’s a health matter, and we all respect everybody’s individual perspectives. That’s why I’m not going to get into it and talk about it. But I’m ready to go.”

Out of the four players that missed the game in Toronto, Rob Williams, Jayson Tatum, Horford, and Brown, Brown is the only one to not have confirmed his status. He refused to comment on it last week, and so did Horford, but after Horford finally gave in to an answer, Brown is the only question mark.

Unvaccinated players cannot enter Canada, meaning if the Celtics were to play the Raptors in the NBA playoffs, Brown could potentially not be able to play.

“Last year, I missed the playoffs — I had a season-ending injury with my wrist,” Brown said Sunday. “This year, from a competitive standpoint, I’m excited and willing to play against anybody. As a vice president of the (NBA) Players Association, it’s part of my job description to protect our players’ rights and our medical privacy.

“So, you won’t hear me comment on my status, or anybody else’s.”

Brown has been emphatic all year on it being a personal choice.

“I have my own thoughts about it but I respect my teammates’ decisions and things like that,” Brown said back in October. “I know everybody has their own opinion about it but I think it’s a personal choice.”

Brown then followed that statement up in September.

“I think it’s a personal decision. I have my own thoughts about it, but I respect my teammates’ decisions.”

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