Christian Vazquez Returns After One Day on COVID IL; Red Sox Option Ronaldo Hernandez to Triple-A Worcester

Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox weren’t without Christian Vazquez for long as the catcher returned after spending just a day on the COVID-19 related injured list. Ronaldo Hernandez was optioned to Triple-A Worcester.

It may be a bit confusing since it was a positive test. But Vazquez, since he is vaccinated, cleared the two negative tests and did not have a fever so he’s able to return. Meanwhile, Hernandez’s big-league debut will be postponed.

For today, Connor Wong will start behind the plate for Boston with Nick Pivetta on the mound. It’s his first career start without Nathan Eovaldi on the mound.

Currently, two still remain on the COVID injured list though as Kevin Plawecki and Jonathan Arauz remain on the list. Plawecki is vaccinated, though it’s not public knowledge whether Arauz is or not. It’s a big factor in when they return to Boston.

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