Patriots Week 10 Notebook: Rookies Growing, Defense Dominating, And an Identity Forming

The Patriots routed the Browns, 45-7, Sunday afternoon. With that, the AFC playoff race continues to tighten week-by-week in the NFL. One week, a team can look dominant, the next, they play down to their opponent. Eight AFC teams have 5 wins, the Patriots are now one of four teams, to have 6 or more. […]

Patriots Trade Deadline: Dreams, Possibilities, And Players To Avoid

New England Patriots

Buy or sell? It’s something Cam Ventura went over last week with the Patriots at 3-4. Now, Week 8’s win over the Chargers has given Bill Belichick that choice. Had New England dropped to 3-5, a trade would seem unlikely. However, 4-4 with a playoff spot in reach may just turn the corner for an […]

Patriots: Week 7 Essentials vs. Chargers

With one game behind the Buffalo Bills in the AFC East, the Patriots have stacked back-to-back weeks of strong football. New England has gone two straight weeks scoring 29 or more points, throwing for multiple passing touchdowns, while putting up at least 330 total yards. New England may have finally figured out the right starting […]

Patriots: Week 6 Essentials List vs. Cowboys

The Patriots managed to pull out an ugly win last week vs the Houston Texans. New England cannot expect to have the same success if they keep giving the ball away. Dallas (4-1) has been rolling on both sides of the football. The Cowboys are back. Prescott continues to make plays from the pocket with […]

Patriots: Week 5 Essentials List vs. Texans

New England Patriots RB Damien Harris

The 1-3 New England Patriots will be down four offensive lineman for Sunday’s game against the Texans. Not a good place to be in. Especially considering how horrid the pass protection has been to this point. Center, David Andrews will be the only starter on the offensive line, causing many to worry about Sunday’s game. […]